Paris vs. United States

18 Mar

I know that I still have another month and a half in Europe, but I realized that I have a trip planned for every weekend until I go home, and before I know it, I will be hopping on a plane home. This made me start thinking about all of the things I am excited to get back to in the United States and all of the things I am going to miss about Paris. Here is the comprehensive list:

Ice. I miss ice, and straws for that matter. I’m so tired of drinking room temperature water.  It is just not as refreshing. I don’t like it. And you never get a straw, which isn’t really a big deal, but it is something I took for granted. You usually assume that if you order a drink and it comes with a lid, you get a straw. Nope, sorry buddy, you have to take off the lid. Why even bother giving you a lid?

All green money. This is a weird one. I don’t even know why, but I am really sick of euros. Maybe it is because of the horrible exchange rate, but I am over it. I just want a nice green twenty dollar bill. Euros don’t feel like real money and they disappear so quickly because everything is so expensive. However, I will miss the euro coins. The two euro coins and one euro coins are so convenient. And you never feel bad about spending coins…

Wifi that actually works. Wifi is so much faster in the United States. I love it and I miss it. Wifi here sucks, or at least mine does. But I will miss how the French pronounce wifi- “wee-fee.” I am going to apologize in advance because that is how I will be pronouncing it from now on.

Taco Bell. No explanation needed.

Target. Being away from Target has made me realize that Target is truly the greatest establishment to ever exist on this earth. Target has everything you need. Target has an excellent shoe selection. Target has groceries. Target is there for you if you are depressed or stressed. Target is the bomb.

And most importantly, I will miss French McDonald’s and their deluxe potatoes. That is all.

Disclaimer: I don’t go to McDonald’s as often as you think, I swear.

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