Nothing makes you feel more inferior than hanging out with French kids.

10 Mar

This weekend my host family’s 4 year old nephew and 5 year old niece were visiting. And OH MY GOD, they were so cute. Although they do an excellent job of making you feel bad about yourself. Not only are they better at grammar than I am, but when they first saw me, they just ran back into their room and slammed the door. I know I looked a little rough, but geez, no need to run away in fear. Kids can be a little dramatic.

About five minutes later, they came back and stood in the hallway, staring at me until I looked in their direction, then they would hide. After about ten minutes of this game, they literally stood behind the couch and laughed at me, like I was the funniest thing they have ever seen. After fifteen minutes of hysterical laughter, they stopped, but only because it was dinner time. They also sat and stared at me for all of dinner.

Just as I was about to go hide in a corner, they both ran up to me and started poking me. I must have somehow impressed them because all of a sudden they were hitting me with pillows and acting like I was the coolest grande (grown-up) they had ever met. The next thing I knew we were playing some hybrid version of tag/hide & seek. However, I didn’t fully understand the rules because they were yelling them at me in their high-pitched French voices, so I didn’t do very well. If you have ever been in a French apartment, you would understand why. French apartments are very small and I am very tall. My only options were to stand behind lamps or lie on the ground and pretend they couldn’t see me. Obviously I lost every time. But that only made them like me more. By the time I left they were giving me kisses and also hitting me with pillows. Oh well, baby steps.

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