Rome: Where the food is nice and the people are not.

1 Mar

Go to Rome and see the Trevi Fountain.

Last weekend, I went to Rome. And it was horribly frightening. I do not speak Italian, except “ciao,” which is essentially useless. So the Romans already hated me for not knowing the language. They also hated me for being American (although technically I’m Canadian, so I should get some bonus points or something). And to top it all off, I am blonde. Meaning the Italian men yell profanities at you and the Italian women hate you for it. So my experience with the Roman people was not great. And then I went to catch my bus to the airport, so I could leave this mean city and go back to France, where everything is wonderful.

I showed up twenty minutes early to take the 12:35 bus to the airport, so I would have plenty of time. I went up to the counter to show my online reservation and the lady told me “Oh, sorry, the bus left. Traffic. Next bus is at 2:00.” My flight was at 3:00 so I couldn’t take the next bus. I tried to explain to her that the bus shouldn’t have left because it wasn’t scheduled to leave for another 20 minutes. But she didn’t care because I didn’t speak Italian. Luckily, the girl behind me, Elli, was in the same situation and she spoke Italian, so we were able to take a train to the airport. So Rome is the worst. But at least I made a new friend in the process. Thank you Elli!

But I would highly recommend Rome for the sights and the food, if you are a dark-haired non-American who speaks Italian.

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