Is this real life?

11 Feb

This evening, as I was riding the metro back from my exhausting day of visiting the Louvre, planning trips to Munich for Frühlingsfest, and buying soccer tickets, I saw the Eiffel Tower sparkling in the distance. I thought to myself, is this real life? I literally get to spend four months traveling Europe, making new friends, eating amazing food (France could use a taco bell though, just a suggestion), and trying new wines. I still feel like I am in America. The only time I realize I am not in the U.S. is when I try to communicate with everyone I left behind, or when the Eiffel Tower suddenly appears as I round a corner.

Speaking of trying new wines, I attended a wine tasting on Saturday. Before the tasting began, we all introduced ourselves and explained to the group why we were there. I told everyone that I wanted to try wine that didn’t come from a box… No one seemed to find this as funny as I did. Because it turns out I am actually in Paris, and people judge you for things like that.


And in case you were wondering, I still know nothing about wine. I just learned a more pretentious way to drink it.

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