Getting lost in Paris is not as glamorous as it sounds…

24 Jan

Before I begin, Mom, don’t read this. I wasn’t walking through Paris by myself, I swear.

Around mid-January through mid-February, “les soldes” occur throughout Paris. Les soldes are bi-annual sales where most things in the store are roughly 50% to 75% off. Which is awesome. I bought a shirt at Zara for seven euros. SEVEN EUROS. It’s a dream come true. Until I decided to leave my friends and go home to have dinner with my host family.

Now, aux États-Unis roads are pretty much laid out in a grid, at least in city environments. I understand grids, they make sense to me and most other humans. Paris hates grids. Like, seriously detests them. The roads here go all over the place and are never parallel or perpendicular. Therefore, if you don’t go back the way you came, you aren’t getting to the same place (unless you have a map, I suppose) But with my American mind, I thought that if I walk parallel to the street I was on before, I would be able to turn right and make it back to that street. WRONG. I was so lost. My sense of direction is pretty good, so I knew I was heading in the right direction, but I could not get to the street I needed to be on. It was just dead end after dead end. Needless to say, I was late for dinner. But I know enough French to ask where the nearest metro stop was, and I eventually made it home without any major issues, other than being cold and confused. But hey, at least the metro makes sense.

By the way, apparently Philadelphia cream cheese is all the rage in France right now. My host family served cheesecake and they were very excited that they got to use Philadelphia cream cheese. Which is adorable.

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